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8/2/2015@1:19:34 PM CST
Great video of Team PMYC in the 107th Mac Race by Finny: https://youtu.be/9HdIZ_KVkXI
8/2/2015@10:43:56 AM CST
Lots of fun at the Commodore's Ball last night! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard!
7/24/2015@11:36:55 AM CST
Does anyone have an extra spot on their boat for the raft off party? Paul is going to work with Dennis so we won't be taking our boat out.
7/23/2015@11:44:42 AM CST
Congrats to SHAMROCK, the winner of the Summer Rum Bottle Regatta. And thanks to Bob on Bada Bing all boats that participated.
7/19/2015@5:09:01 PM CST
The White Party is back for this years Commodores Party
7/14/2015@11:12:03 AM CST
Congrats to the safe completion of the MAC race.
7/14/2015@11:11:06 AM CST
Just a reminder that the Summer Regatta will be happening Saturday 10am. Come out participate in the race. The race is for fun and usually a ..more
7/14/2015@6:27:52 AM CST
Thanks Tom! You too! I thought Shoe String was going go catch us, especially when we had a slow finish once again. Good race!
7/13/2015@9:52:50 PM CST
Congratulations to Timmy, Zack, Joe Maul, Finny and crew on a great Mac race.
7/13/2015@2:54:42 PM CST
To all the Waukegan members I would like to thank you for your hospitality. We had a great time.
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PMYC News - Submitted by K2 on 07/27/2015
The 12th Annual Commodore's Ball - THIS SATURDAY!
Shiver Me Timbers ! It's that time again! The Poor Man's Yacht Club presents .... The 12th Annual Commodore's Ball White Party II ///Dat... FULL STORY.
PMYC News - Submitted by BRUSHNROLL on 07/19/2015
July Officer/Board Meeting
Date Held: 7/16 Time: 6:30 pm Attended by: Billy (Via Skype), Nick, Joel, K2, Dennis, Paul Hobbs, Bob V., Admiral, Frank, Kevin, Joey K., Jeann... FULL STORY.
PMYC News - Submitted by K2 on 07/14/2015
Summer Rum Bottle Regatta - THIS SATURDAY -7/18
Attention all Pirates! The Summer Rum Bottle Regatta will be held THIS SATURDAY July 18th. The fleet will meet on the North Wall of Monroe Harbor Sa... FULL STORY.
Sailing Master's Corner - Submitted by K2 on 07/08/2015
107th Race to Mackinac
The PMYC wishes fair winds and following seas to all of our members competing in this year's Race to Mackinac. A special shout out goes to our ve... FULL STORY.
PMYC News - Submitted by K2 on 07/06/2015
Fifth Annual Waukegan Pirate Gala
Avast Ye, buccaneers, scallywags, wenches, lubbers, deckhands and corsairs. You are invited to attend the Fifth annual Waukegan PMYC Pirate Gala... FULL STORY.
PMYC News - Submitted by BADA BING BOB on 03/30/2015
Hop aboard the Independence of the Seas, for 5 nights of fun and sun. 50 50 50 50 50 Congratulations the following people have signed up to... FULL STORY.