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ABOUT THE Poor Man's Yacht Club

The Poor Man's Yacht Club is an informal gathering of sailors, power boaters and our friends; Good people, having good fun. The club is incorporated as a not-for-profit. We invite you to join in if you have a love for the water, or just drinking. Founded around 1990...    More... -->

2018 PMYC Boat Show Booth
Arr Me Hearty, I be seein ye at the PMYC Booth #S2521 at the Chicago Boat Show

Aye Mateys, the pillagin and plunderin is about to start.  Ye be sure to stop by fer Grog and Rum wit ye pirate brethren.  Be ye Buccaneers or Land-lubbers, ye be welcome.  Beat the Commodore at ship, captain, crew and ye might walk away wit a prize - Aye ye head will still be on ye neck...

VOLUNTEER to represent the PMYC at the Booth < see dates / times >

Chicago Boat Show Link
Posted by Frank on January 9

2017 PMYC X-mas Party!  Christmas Sock-Hop

Once again a great party and a good time by all.  ELVIS stopped by and put on a great show, the gals were screaming!
Go the PMYC Facebook page for pictures of the gala event.

Posted by Frank on Jan 3rd

KIDDE - Fire Extinguisher Recall

Thanks to Crowleys for this important notice - this is a reprint of pieces of their notice sent to boaters.

The Kidde corporation has recalled 40 million fire extinguishers.  Kidde is the most common marine fire extinguisher sold in the United States. There is a good chance that you have one or more of these units on your boat.  This recall is for plastic top Kidde fire extinguishers produced between the dates of January 1, 1973 and October 25, 2015.  The nozzles can clog and fail to activate and have also detached with enough force to cause a hazard.

Kidde is providing free replacements with metal tops.  We urge you to check your fire extinguishers and see if they are covered by the recall.  The CPSC recall website shows you how to easily identify the affected fire extinguishers. Go to then Kidde website, fill out a simple form and Kidde will ship replacements directly to you.  Included with the replacements will be instructions on what to do with your old fire extinguishers. You will need to have the model number, date code and serial number to complete the form.

Posted by Frank on November 14th

I'm Missing Boating Season Already

Boo hiss ! - Winter is here already.  Fear ye not, we be plannin to pillage an plunder through the snow.  PMYC Get Togethers are:
- Christmas Sock-Hop - Dec 2nd
- Chicago Boat Show  -  Jan 10-14
- March monthly Meeting - March 3rd
- 2018 Annual Meeting - TBD - April, 2018

If you are looking for something to do now, our friends at Island Party Boat are still running charters on the river.  This 
Saturday November 18th, they have a cruise on Island Time for the Festival of Lights.

Check out their website for more Info.

Posted by Frank on November 14th


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