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General Benefits

Good People having Good Fun = Good Friends.  We're a social club!
Our interests are having fun on the water (sail or power) and of course enjoying cold beverages while doing so.
Low cost of annual membership!      (see Membership Types below)
We like to remind everyone that we're cheaper than 3 cases of beer!
We have no clubhouse or property, we utilize local businesses to gather and meet.
Dual Citizenship:  Are you a member of another yacht club?  Well join the PMYC as well; if you like boats and the water, then we like you!
Organized events by Chapter     (see Chicago and Georgia events below)
PMYC discounts at select sponsors.  Our sponsors vary by Chapter as many discounts are locale based. Members can view discounts on the sponsor page after joining.
Full members get a 3 'x 5' Pirate - Surrender the Booty - flag for your boat each year.  
Fly your membership proudly.

Chicago Chapter Organized Events

  • (3) summer Rum Bottle Regattas which are non-formal sailboat races to the crib and back.  1st, 2nd and 3rd place gets a bottle of rum, last place gets a bottle of rum.
  • Independence and Labor Day excursions to another harbor on Lake Michigan
  • Waukegan Harbor Pirate Party - sponsored my our members in Waukegan
  • Commodore's Ball - out largest summer party (August - usually Monroe harbor), free admission to members
  • Impromptu summer weekend parties
  • Christmas party at the Weathermark Tavern
  • Chicago Boat show
  • Winter trip (Feb) open to all members, to find some sun, sand and water
  • Annual meeting (Spring) to get organized and kick off the boating season
  • Monthly meetings (on the water in summer, Weathermark in winter)
  • See our Calendar of Events

Georgia Chapter Organized Events

  • Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day Raft-Up parties in Cocktail Cove
  • Dress Like a Pirate Party
  • Annual Port Captain’s Ball – largest annual party with a band and free admission for members
  • Impromptu summer weekend parties
  • Christmas party at The Twisted Oar (our official club house on Lake Lanier)
  • Group Trip to the Atlanta Boat show
  • Winter trip with our fellow pirates from Chicago (typically a cruise or Caribbean island getaway)
  • Annual Boating Season kick-off party & charity event at Twisted Oar
  • Monthly meetings to discuss the Club and all things boating (translation: another excuse to have a cocktail)

Membership Types

Member: Designates those members that love the boating way of life and are currently a boat owner.  The Member maintains the primary membership to the club for the boat and any/all associated family or crew.  Member accounts can have additional members (Associates) included in their account at a reduced rate to the Member account.  Annual membership renewals will include the Member and Associate account costs.    If you own a boat, one person must maintain a Member account. The Member account receives all benefits of membership.
Chicago Member = $80 annually,  Georgia Member = $60 annually
Auxiliary: Designates those members that love the boating way of life but currently do not own a boat.  Auxiliary accounts enjoy the same benefits of a Member account except for two (2) items:
  •  do not receive a PMYC Flag to fly from their boat (flags may still be purchased)
  •  do not receive PMYC Club winter storage discounts with our sponsors
Chicago Auxiliary - $35 annually,  Georgia Auxiliary = $25
Associate: Designates a secondary account tied to the Member or Auxiliary primary account, but retains it’s own login to the website.  Annual renewals are linked to the primary account and billed to the owner of that account.  Associate membership cannot be applied for in the Join US process.  Associate membership is added by the account owner.  By association to the Member or Auxiliary account, Associates receive all benefits of the primary membership.
Chicago Associate - $35 annually,  Georgia Associate = $25